Nicholas Jenson

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Typefounder, born [[1420]] in [[France]].

During the [[1450s]], [[Charles VII]] sent Nicholas Jenson to [[Mainz]], [[Germany]] to learn the art of printing. There he became an apprentice to [[Johann Gutenberg]].

After a nasty civil war in [[1462]], most of Mainz's printers left the city. Many of them travelled to [[Italy]], including Jenson—who ended up in [[Venice]] before [[1470]]. There, he cast his famous type, which might be the first non-[[blackletter]] type ever cast in the west.

Jenson died in [[Rome]] in [[1480]].

Most typefaces that are named after Jenson bear little or no relation to his work. However, [[Bruce Rogers]]' [[Centaur]] comes very close to capturing its spirit.