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Indices : Terminology : End User License Agreement (EULA)

A legal document that outlines the licensing terms for a particular software. These terms usually list the manners in which the software may or may not be used. In regard to fonts, there are several common topics that Foundries must consider allowing or disallowing. Among these are: Number of Output devices covered by license, server installation, back-up copies, embedding, distribution to a service bureau, modifications, transfer of license, &c.

For a detailed understanding of the issues surrounding EULAs for fonts, read Tiffany Wardle’s article The Case for a User Friendly EULA.
EULA chart

For an in-depth discussion of issues, read The End User’s Manifesto!
For a real-life case study, read Alternative to Fedra Serif B
Because of a Eula, I need something different
EULAs–the Devil’s Advocate
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EULA abstract website
Electronic EULA Abstract

Permissive EULAs:

The standard EULA allows modifications for personal use:
Monokrom EULA
Shinntype EULA

The standard EULA allows embedding in commercial PDFs and modifications for personal use:
Adobe EULA (for some fonts)