(x) font on "Mus-mouse" mouse pad - Artemius {Epco, Adriano E}

I know there's only a few letters visible in the picture, but can someone help identify the font used on this mousepad?


Somehow it looks familiar, but I haven´t been able to identify it so far,
but Relato and Dolly might get you closer even though the serifs are different...


Not an exact match, but similar: Swift by Gerard Unger.

- Lex

Yes, when I saw it my first thought was "Gerard Unger?"
I'd really like to know what font it is - thanks for the suggestions, though.

Please don't give up on this typophiles, it's good :)

My guess:
Someone customized Lucas de Groot's Floris (Folha).

Eduardo, do you really think so? I find them to be quite a bit different, besides the fact that Folha is probably not commercially available (designed for a newspaper).
PDF sample of Folha: http://www.fontfabrik.com/fofawor1.html

Just a wild guess. But have you seen the thinner weight of Floris (an improved version of Folha, with more weights, as I assume from the sample in Language Culture Type)? It is similar to the type in your sample.

And BTW, where did you get the mousepad picture?
The answer may point to a better direction.

Image is undoubtably from the Art Lebedev site. Lately there is a lot of attention for this keyboard, and on this page you can see the Mus-mouse too.

I've contacted a person I "know" at Art Lebedev Studios (Thanks Natasha :)) And she gave me the answer:

This is Art.Lebedev Studio's font "Artemius"

Mistery Solved.

Great job Adriano (and others)!
(Now all we need is a nice pdf sample showing some more characters)


Thank you adriano! I also sent them an email but hadn't received an answer yet - they must be getting tons of requests about the Optimus keyboard.
Thanks everyone for your help! :-)

for all who aren't russian native speaker:



"The Artemius typeface family includes all the
fonts the Art. Lebedev studio might ever need."

They only have one client?

Actually, it's nice to see such heavy commissioning action - bravo.
Could we find out how much it cost?

Something else: the italic sans seems to be uniwidth with the roman (which can make sense). But did you notice that the italic serif is wider than the roman? I wonder why. Also: is the Light light enough?


I believe the face was developed by the designers at letterhead.ru:


And as far as I understand the page says this typeface is not available for licensing/sale. It is exclusively for artlebedev.com

I meant how much it cost Lebedev to commission it.



According to the site they charge $36 per glyph including VAT for custom fonts. But is also says the price may vary depending on the assignment.

Thanks again.
Interesting, having an up-front per-glyph price like that.
So is somebody up to doing the math on Artemius?