(x) Citistreet logo - Rotis Serif {Marc O}

Can anyone tell me what face is used in the "street" part of this logo?


Thank you...are there any "clones" of this face? Or any similar fonts?

Thanks again.


if you care even a little tiny bit about type, you will purchase the original, correct font: Rotis Serif by Otl Aicher. There are certainly plenty of "clones" — actually, the word is "rip-offs" — of this typeface around, and there are also plenty of similar fonts.

But, if you have any concern for type at all you will spend the measly $21 to buy the real typeface. Especially if you are doing a job for Citistreet, and require the typeface to do the job. And especially if you are being paid to do this job.

With overbrimming frustration,
chester, a type designer

Chester, the soft touch, better.


Chester, for your information, I >did< purchase Rotis Serif, from MyFonts.com, within 10 minutes of reading the post identifying the face. $21.00 is not the point. After purchasing the font, I simply asked if there were other similar fonts available - for my edification - and to attempt to ensure that I provide the correct match for my client. As you obviously understand, in this world of font "rip-offs", it is difficult to know, without close visual inspection, which face was actually used. Your presumption that I wanted to avoid paying the original designer for his work is entirely off the mark, and reflects poorly on your view of the world.

I think "clone" must have thrown Chester off.

I know of one rip-off of Rotis (although it's a derivative, not a clone), and in fact it's marketed by a major font house.


Mr Anderson, I owe you an apology for jumping to conclusions. I'm sorry that I accused you of "grubbing" for a Rotis-alike. I felt that the identification of Rotis was so obviously correct that the case was closed. I haven't seen a contemporary use of Rotis (especially Serif) for a few years, but the fonts were pretty much ubiquitous in the early 90s, so I assumed that not recognising it was an oversight. Like it would be impossible to not recognise the plaintive proto-emo musical strains of "Pale Shelter" as being Tears For Fears. Again, my apologies. My view of the world is somewhat murky these days; battling against pirates and identity thieves'll do that to a guy...