typecon 2005

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can anyone identity the all cap display font used for the menu on the typecon website?
(why don't you add credits or a colophon somewhere?)

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The navigation is Local Gothic by TypeCon2005 identity designer Christian Schwartz. Now available at www.vllg.com/OrangeItalic/

We actually *do* have credits/colophon on the site. Links to those and other info are at the bottom of every page.


If you can't view the bottom section with the sponsor logos and links, let me know what browser and platform and OS you're on so we can troubleshoot.

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i thought you'd have credits.... but i guess i couldn't view them... i am on a mac G5, OSX, using IE5... also of note, the 2nd column headed, "Join us at..." is falling too far to the right. in other words, it isn't centered in your red column rules, but breaks out on the right, which i don't think is intended...

i also read your article in the NYTimes today, thanks for that!

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