Changing lining figures to text figures

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Changing lining figures to text figures

I work for a small magazine and I am using Adobe Minion as a text font. My problem is that the Minion Regular style uses lining figures instead of text figures (oldstyle figures) which I feel is more appropriate for running text.

Now, I could just go through all 80 pages of each issue and manually change every instance of the lining figures of Minion Regular to the text figures of Minion Expert, but that seems a little inefficient.

So, I thought I

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If your replacing lining tabular figures with proportional Oldstyle figures how bad can the lost kerning be? Except for a few figure to period/comma kernpairs I doubt your in for much work. Adobe fonts are spaced rather well, and most Adobe fonts contain less than 300 pairs, so….. what’s the problem.

Actually the best advice I can give you is:
Hire a Professional!

Then you can do what you do best, and they can do what they do best,

And everybody makes a few bucks and has some spare time to enjoy themselves.

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How many wheights are you using?