Greek characters in Hoefler Text Roman Alt

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Greek characters in Hoefler Text Roman Alt

Please help! How does one insert Greek characters (Ohm sign, Delta, and so on) of the font (Hoeflet Toman Alt) into a PageMaker 6.5 Plus document?
The Windows 2000 character map utility shows the code (U + 2126 for Ohm, U + 2206 for Delta and so on) but how do I insert these characters in the document? Presumably, these are Unicode numbers.
Will be grateful for some help in the matter.
Yateen <>

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Yateendra —

The math characters in the Hoefler Text Roman Alt font are in normal keyboard positions. That’s why Jonathan created the Alternate font, in order to provide easy access to these characters.

In the Mac Postscript font, the Omega is in the option-z position and the delta is in the option-j position. I don’t know if this is true in the Windows version of the font.

If this doesn’t help, then contact the Hoefler Type Foundry at

— Kent.