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Here's a fun little one. As usual, I was working on an entirely different font when I 'fell over' the 'w' in what would become this character set.

I remembered the way Andrew used negative space in his font "Pug', even going so far as to split the lc characters from their stems in an effort to balance out their color. so i tried something like that here.

it's an interesting little study, for a font four pixels high.

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I couldn't figure out how to include a subsequent attachment with this post, but it should appear as the second attachment in the original post.

The rest of the minus family. Such as it is, being so small. I think the unicases are kind of fun.

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I decided to see if I could extend Fourmat to the entire ASCII character set the other day. I am curious to see what the differences and similarities would be if you did the same for Minus.

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isn't it amazing how different two designs can be at only four pixels high?

i'm going to flesh out the minus family a little later. my typical work flow involves putting a font down for quite a while sometimes, before coming back to it to try and publish it.

i am usually able to hone the design a little better that way.

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