Hi kids,
I'm sure most of you from the good ol' USA recognize this from kindy-garten.

Is there a type family out there that has the same/similar attributes but a nice selection of weights?
HELP please!


Would those requesting IDs please post samples to ID.. Thank you.. :)
( Handwriting, Cursive, Sans Serif.? )

Dav, formlos

Attach a gif or jpg, rgb (not cmyk), small is good

You may like Primer Print from Ray Larabie. And it's free!

- Lex

my mother, who teaches 3rd grade, has been using fonts from schoolhouse fonts for over a decade. The best part about these fonts is that they come with a little application that links all the letters correctly--kinda like OpenType, but this little app can run within MS Word. My mom prints out all her kids' names each year and puts them at the top of their desks so that they can see how to write it out in cursive properly. I higly recommend these fonts.