(x) Sans serif in current UCLA live brochure - TheSans {Nicolai}

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Hi all. Would love an ID on the following. Thanks in advance.

sans_type.gif80.96 KB
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Thanks for the amazingly fast reply. The big question now is which package or individual styles to buy. Soooo many choices. :-)

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you might find this font identifier useful: www.myfonts.com/whatthefont

Just feed a couple of characters into the machine and it tells you which font it is.


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there is actually a record. If my memory doesn't lie it is held by Hrant for a font id in less than a minute.

Righ Ives?


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01.33 to be exact... And everyone here is still fighting like crazy to beat him! :-D

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But I thought Eduardo Omine (was it?) beat me afterwards.


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Hrant's legendary 1 minute I.D. actually was the first one, but since then -- with e-mail notification helping -- a couple of people have beaten that record. Unfortunately, now that e-mail notification has disappeared from Typophile, we've fallen way behind again. I'm bugging the Punchut Boys to reinstate e-mail notification just for the Type Identification Board so we can have some serious competition again.

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