Estudio font

This one is a challenge to Eduardo!!!
What is the name of the “estudio” font???


C’mon, Eduardo, show us what y’re worth. Don’t let
us down…

No way y’re gonna find a match, dude! :-)

That thing was just painted there (the walls of our great
building of Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of S

You can get something in a similar mood with Lineto, but
their fonts seems to be quite expensive (or not?). Links to
Albroni, and of course, Le Corbusier. ;-)

I’m am not digitalizing the letters. Marcelinho , a friend from fau, reconstructed the letters based on a photo for the logo of his studio, named “estudio 6” and he asked me what font was that.
It may be an interesting idea to digitalize it don`t you think?

Yeah, it’s a nice lettering, except for “e” and “s”, that seems
odd to me. I wouldn’t attempt to make an exact revival of
that, but it is inspiring indeed. :-)