(x) Canon corporate typeface - Denda New {George Nisioiu}


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you can’t.
From the aforementioned Type Now:

“Denda – A contemporary sanserif initiated in 2000 by TBWA\Designers Company for their redesign of Canon Europe packaging. This typeface comes in four weights, in roman and matching italics: for use by Canon Europe in general publicity, manuals, and packaging. It is a custom-made design, not publicly available.”

Denda New is designed by Fred Smeijers. More about the font in his book Type Now.

From where I can download Denda New font?

From where I can download Denda New font?

Here is a link to a Canon site where you can download the Denda new fonts.

http://ww2.canon.no/WPP/pressebilder/index.html (Site in norwegian)

Looks like various weights of FF Meta, with alternates?

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I'm not *sure* because that isn't the Meta "g" but the rest of the characters look close, maybe there's an alternate set.

Has a Spiekerman look to it.

I took a step back from my attempt to answer in the first place, since I do not have a definite answer, nor a relevant one. Now I feel I should do so.

I did an identity a while ago for one of my customers for a cobranding initiative "canon professional center" - a sort of one stop print shop featuring exclusively canon equipment. As I exchanged mails with canon brand manager for Romania, I mention what had been on my mind for a while at the time, the typeface issue. The answer I got at the time was that they were using a "customised" typeface, however loose that answer might have been.

The samples provided as reference are way too small to be of any efficient help, but if you check any of the downloadable PDF brochures they provide on the site, you'll get a mention of the contained typefaces, and the only one who stands out is "DendaNew". The italics are awfully close to those of JFPorchez's LeMonde Sans Italic, and the upright versions have a feel of Formata and Stella, but if I were to guess, judging by the overall look and feel, I would credit either Mario Feliciano (Stella) or Michael Abbink (Kievit) with the typeface, with a slight prefference for the latter, given his involvment in identity programmes.

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thank you again. a friend has presentation to canon and I wanted to offer him something similar.

if all goes well i'm sure canon will offer him their typeface to use in the future :)

ok, just found a small branding manual for a CANON Company, and this time the typeface is clearly indicated, as stated before: Denda New. Anybody knows more about it? ...

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