preview text for metrics

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I overwrote the Data/preview.txt file in fontlab and want it back! if someone can post it, that would be great. However, I thought I'd also ask what other text strings you use when tweaking metrics and kerning. So...aside from the default preview.txt, are there any text strings you've found especially useful when tweaking metrics and kerning?

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I usually find an n and an o neclace to be quite helpful. This is something I learned in Caligraphy from Arnold Bank. The purpose in caligraphy is as a pracrice excersize but find it is a good way to check side bearings,
In case "Neclace" is not self evident; the idea is to type out the alphabet with a letter N between each letter and then the same with o.
ANBNCNDNEN...anbncndn... AOBOCODOEO... aobocodoeo...


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