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Joined: 5 May 2005 - 8:44pm

has anyone used this plugin for InDesign? Is there a reason it hasn't been updated so as to work with InD CS(2)? It seems like it'd be handy, especially when wanting to see how kerning looks with OT features applied. Or is there another way to do this? Any advice is appreciated.

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Joined: 8 Mar 2002 - 3:44am

I looked into the docs. Its modifing an "adobe opentype developer kit" like kerning file. All the classes have to pre defined in it. For me it was not very usefull. But the second plugin "ApplyOpenType" was it, since it can activate every feature.

-- from the docs --
This plug-in is not intended to create the kerning data for an OpenType font but can be used to greatly accelerate and facilitate the fine-tuning of kerning data.

Note that EditOTFMetrics can only open feature files that contain kerning data, not complete feature files. This kerning data file must contain all the kern class definitions and positioning statements. It can contain no other feature file expressions.

"specially when wanting to see how kerning looks with OT features applied"

The kerning is active in InDesign anyway. Of course your special & altnerative glyphs have to be in a kerning class or their own kernings.

Since I made all my opentypes with this adobe tool, I write all my kernings by hand with an text editor. If you have your standard glyph database you can pre define your kerning classes and most things of the feature code.

BTW. Hopefully Mr. Phinney will say something about the next release of the Adobe OpenType Dev Kit and these plugins.