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If you've ever noticed when you generate a font from FOG and activate it with ATM Deluxe, then open an application like Quark or Illustrator, then specify a typeface in one of those applications, there are several lists in the drop down font menu.

I don't know if this is a symptom of Adobe Type Reunion, but it seems there is an 'A' list of fonts that sit at the top half of the the list which seem to be perfectly alphabetized, and a 'B' list of fonts that are also alphabetized yet sit far below their 'A' list counterparts.

So in what manner does one need to generate a font to be part of the 'A' list?

Stuart :D

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What I want to know is, how is (Fontdiner.com)
result #4 when I search Google for 'font'?


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Stuart --

I think you're describing a feature of ATR Deluxe which puts the most recently used fonts up at the top to make them more convenient. Open the ATR control panel and in the General tab you'll see a check box for "Show xx most recently used fonts.

The only thing is, in my experience the A list is ordered chronologically, not alphabetically.

Bottom line, I don't think you can do anything to make sure that your font always shows up on the A list. (Of course, if you name it with an A, it'll be at the top of the B list. Or generate a font menu name with a space as the first character and wind up on the tippy top.)

-- K.

P.S. Congrats on the recent release (I'm sorry, I've forgotten his name). Missed you at TypeCon. Next year, eh?

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The other thing is, if the FOND ID of the font says it's not a MacRoman font, it will get grouped separately with other fonts of the same Mac codepage.


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So when generating a font from Fontographer if I say the family is "Don't Care" instead of "Roman" chances are my font won't show up on the "Upper" list. Is that what you're saying Tom?

Stuart :D

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Sounds like a good guess. It's been a long time since I used FOG much, though - I've been on FontLab for years now.


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