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Portfolio site based on work from my degree show and placements last year.

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I can't make the type bigger. The type is too grey.
I keep reading About you, instead of the work.
I already know about you, I want to read about the
work. But it looks pretty!

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I kinda like the site, but, I noticed this as well.: All your type is image.. ( The site may not be easily spidered and indexed by search engines, because there basically is no 'readable' HTML text, at all.. You should really think about putting at least some of the descriptions and texts in plain HTML, instead of images.. )

Dav, formlos

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I dont think the type is to grey, but I do think you need a little more space within the whole layout (a bit of breathing space)
On the techincal side it seems a little sluggish, Flash would be more efficient than your use of Javascript

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It's a very hard site to use. The javascript is sluggish and the page is too tall for my browser. So, I have to scroll down, click something, then scroll back up to see it.

Also, the mystery-meat navigation is a bit arcane (but oh so typical on portfolio sites ;o)

Also, some of the mystery meat bars are links and some aren't. Confusing.

I'd suggest not using javascript, and make it a nice static site, or consider the flash option. But do put the navigation next to the actual images.

BTW, very nice portfolio pieces!

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I like that the site seems to be secondary to the work, which should be the focus of a portfolio site. The colors of your work really pop. Too many sites get in the way, visually.

But, as others have noted, the navigation is a bit obtuse at first, and those first seconds of "now what do I do?" are so crucial. The striped image area could have your bio inside of it, since that's the focus at first, then you can move the portfolio navigation up closer to the images. You should probably differentiate between active and inactive items in the rectangle nav. Right now it looks like you designed a navigation that doesn't fit your content. Perhaps an outlined box?

Then, I'd punch the heads up a bit. All of the type is a bit broken and light on my monitor (PowerBook 17"), so the heads should get a bit more weight/darkness to allow quicker comprehension of the site's structure.

Nice work, by the way.

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Upon a second look, I think you should seriously reconsider such light type. It's really hard to read on my monitor, and this is a very common model for designers.

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Cheers for the comments all round. Noted the 'bleached out text' problem that is more evident on laptops and will work on actual text as opposed to png's of text. This is the first live website that I've tackled so I'm hoping to learn from mistakes as early as possible! Pleased that the work - as opposed to the website design - comes to the foreground.

Thanks again


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I kept losing my place when I was swapping between the comments page and the site. Why are you passionate about typography? Even though we have broadband, I would still have preferred the option to browse through your work more, not download a mov or pdf. Perhaps that could be a vehicle for showing why you love design so much.

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