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Joined: 11 Jan 2005 - 2:43am

Hi all,

Didn't really get any response on these.
I've just realized the links were broken so if anyones interested, or has any comments.


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Joined: 13 Jun 2004 - 8:19am

I downloaded and printed the pdf's...
Some first impressions:

In general I prefer typefaces with less x-height. In other words: I think the capitals are not tall enough compared to the lowercase.

Alber - the letter forms are pleasant and form a comprehensive 'family'. There may be an issue of 'originality'; it's not very innovative.
My critique: compared to the other caps the B, D, P and R appear a bit too narrow. The a's bowl could be a bit larger. The d's bowl is not as regualr as the one of b. The g is unbalanced IMHO - it's 'ear' is too slight, the innerspace between the upper and lower bowls is umpleasant. You DO need old style numerals! The accents and diacriticals are too heavy. The comma is not expressive enough (enlarge the tail!).
In the progression from Regular to Bold the 'quirkiness' of the slanted cut offs is accentuated. I'd prefer some differentiation in the angle (that is: the bolder, the less angle).
Font wide kerning needs some more attention, esp. the caps/caps!
Please do not misunderstand my critique: I think your Alber is very usable type family and a commendable effort.

Depot – has an interesting 'feel' to it. It has some of the character of a monoline font like DIN, but also some of the humanistic, like Gill Sans. I do find that some of the quirkiness it has (eg the shape of M and W and the discrepant leg of the lc k) diminishes its value as a potential book face. In other words: longer texts could turn out the be irritating.
Some issues I have with single glyphs: the k is too 'much' – it's like it's been transposed from some completely different typeface. E and F – middle stems are not differentiated enough, compared to the upper ones. The upper and lower parts of K don't balance well. R's tail could use some more swing. I dislike the W a lot - it looks unfinished. The lc g's tail could be more expressive. The l is consistently badly kerned! It needs more space before a lot of the other letters. My problem with the cap W returns with the lc w...
Figures: 4 is not broad enough. 8's crossing bowls need some work and the 9 looks uncomfortable. Adding non lining figures is a must!
Paragraph sign is too thin and flat. Same goes for all the percentage ones, and the © and ®. The AE ligature doesn't work for me, I'm afraid. Accents and diacritics are a lot better here, compared to Alber.
The bolder cuts show some problems with the inner forms for a and e, I think.

And as a last note, I think that both fonts' T's are not balanced. They need a little added to the right (or a bit substracted from the left...).

On the whole I like Depot better, because it has more potential than Alber. I hope this helps. And don't feel intimitated, because I am (of course) one of those disgruntled would-be type designers that prowl these forums in stead of getting on with their own typedesigns.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2005 - 2:43am


Thank you so much for indepth crit, it will be a great help.