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I've been developing a new sans serif/display typeface for a concert poster design, a super geometric typeface design to complement Avenir or Avant Garde in uppercase, that I would like to call Britannica. I was just looking for some suggestions for ways I could give it more of a personality to the letterforms. This is my first formal typeface, and I haven't done lowercase yet, but I was looking for some creative imput. Thanks...

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First look I'd say, this typeface seems to have potential. At my point of view, I'suggested to raise the middle bar of th E, F, H, B, The K looks like it's an arrow hurting a vertical line and this arrow is too in the middle. The Z is too wide and the G too narrow compare to the C and the O. The diagonale line of the S seems to low.

The Q is right on.

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Alex, are you still working on this?


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