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Non-exclusive license agreement

Hello Typophiles,

My agreement with Matthew is non-exclusive, here is an extract..

1. GRANT OF LICENSE. In accordance with this Agreement, the Publisher
grants Atomic Media a non-exclusive license to sell and deliver the submitted
Product, bitmap fonts, via the web site known as for two
(2) years after the Agreement is signed. The Publisher retains title and
ownership of the Product. ATOMIC MEDIA reserves the right to refuse to
include the Product in the Atomic Media Site if for any reason ATOMIC MEDIA
deems the Product to be unsuitable.

This means that i can keep selling hrough Atomic Media, but also offer my fonts in other places?

Truth in Design and Fonts for Flash are working with super pixel fonts and i want to know if is legal to offer my new works to this guys, keeping my agreement with Atomic.


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Joined: 12 Mar 2002 - 11:00am

Hi, Miguel. Based on the wording of this clause alone, you should be able to distribute your fonts anywhere you choose. But double-check the rest of the verbiage to ensure there aren’t limitations as to who else can distribute your fonts (i.e., you are allowed to sell the fonts on your own site, but a third party can’t.).