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Legit free fonts. As always, please respect the EULA when using free fonts:
“Some are licensed for unlimited use, some only for private use but not for commercial jobs. You don’t want to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of the people who designed them; it’s really bad for your karma. And you don’t want to risk that, do you?” –Yves Peters

Why doesn’t this page list freeware font websites?
Most of the sites below are run by type designers or foundries, and they tend to offer a few dozen fonts at most. Why doesn’t this page list the huge freeware websites? Take a quick look at those sites and you’ll see that the fonts there are of variable quality, with very few that are useful to a professional designer. But even more important, many of the type designs are clearly copied from other people’s work. To be fair, mixed in with the knockoffs are thousands of original fonts made by amateurs who just love type. But the lack of oversight—anyone can upload—and the confusing way that those sites mix the bad with the good, makes it hard for us to recommend them. (In the end, those sites need no help; a Google search quickly turns them up.) Below, legitimate free fonts offered by the people who created them.

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Individual Fonts
Lido by Storm Type Foundry. Modification of Times.
Chucara and Romeral by Juan Pablo De Gregorio. Humanist text and slab serif. Must contact De Gregorio (or post your e-mail address on his comments page) to receive fonts by e-mail.
Unibody by Underware. Pixel font for Flash.
Gentium by Victor Gaultney. Multilingual font with extended character set.
Anonymous by Mark Simonson. Monospace.
Type Mix I by Archive Type. “Ransom note” font made from period typefaces.
Kontrapunkt Light & Bold by Kontrapunkt. Danish typeface of the year, 2004.
Pixella, Freedumb and Satchel Paige, all by Thirstype. Pixel, Egyptian, slab serif. No longer available?
Sinel by P22. Art deco display face. Registration required.
SB Basement by Selfbuildtype. Machine.
Cypher7 by Typeco. Techno. Registration required.
Free Font by Phil’s Fonts. Quality single font; selection changes.
Share by Typ03. Sans text and monospace.
Crash Numbering by PsyOps. Machine numbers.
Free Font by Device. Selection changes.
Pagan Poetry by ShowStudio. Display face used in Bjork packaging.
Free Font by Australian Type Foundry. Selection changes. Registration required.
Dummytapes by Kenn Munk. Mimics Dymo label machine.
Noe by Dan Noe. Techno.
Sylfaen from Adjara Bet. English character set is distinctive slab serif.
Free Font by Softmaker. Selection changes.
Bonus Font of the Month by Ourtype. Selection changes. Click “About,” then “Bonus Font.”
Autostyler from Autodidakt.

Free Font Collections
25 Best Free Fonts compiled by Vitaly Friedman. Discriminating list includes good serif text.
19 More Free Quality Fonts, Vitaly’s follow-up, includes full-featured Opentype serif text faces.
20+ Beautiful Free Serif Fonts compiled by think design blog.
Free fonts of the month compiled by Smashing Magazine. Focus is on practical faces for text.
The Fell Types by Igino Marini. Historical revivals.
Free Fonts from Identifont. Good range of text, display, pixel, others.
Fonteria by Manfred Klein. Art-inspired display faces, blackletter, text sans, dingbats.
Fabulous Free Fonts by Nick Curtis. Period display, especially 1920s-50s.
Typoasis at Moorstation.org. Library of designers includes the two standouts directly above.
Free Fonts by Glashaus. Quality text sans.
Free Fonts by Shamrocking. Range of display fonts, especially animated and casual.
Free Fonts by Robot Johnny, aka illustrator John Martz. Good animated & casual.
Free Fonts by Fontoville. Casual display.
Free Fonts by Nerfect, aka Britton Walters. Mostly grunge, distressed, machine.
Free Silverware by Font Diner. Display and novelty.
Free Fonts by Noordeman Graphic Design. Display.
Free Fonts by MyFonts. Display faces. Click “purchase options,” then checkout for free.
Fonts by Core. Casual, serif display, condensed gothic, pixel, more.
Free Fonts from Typemotion. Machine, techno and sans.
Free Downloads from FontFont. Selection changes.
Pro Bono Fonts by Fountain. Range of display, pixel and dingbat fonts.
Free Fonts by Koen Hachmang. Sans, calligraphic sans, techno, machine.
Misprinted Type by Eduardo Recife. Grunge, distressed, machine and penmanship.
Free Fonts from Chank. Range of display types; quality varies.
Typefaces For Free by MacRhino. Semiserif, unicase, others.
Free Samples by büro destruct. Range of display, techno, handwriting, Japanese.
Free Fonts from FontShop. Selection changes.
Free Fonts by Cape Arcona. Grunge and distressed, machine, period, others.
Free Fonts by House Industries.
Free Fonts by Harold’s Fonts. Display, penmanship, historical recreations.
Freewares by Flat-it. Display.
Free Downloads by Sugargliderz. Display.
Free fonts by Graphic Arts Unit. Pixel, techno, striped triline, more.
Freebies by K-Type. Novelty, machine, punk dingbats.
Extra by 04.jp.org. Bitmap fonts for web design.
Free Fonts by Fontboutique. Display.
Free Fonts by Smeltery. Unusual scripts and techno.
Free Fonts by Floodfonts. Mostly techno.
Fontscape by Milkwort. Pixel, techno, machine.
Fonts by Petitboys. Techno, machine.
Free Fonts by painter Junkohanhero. Quality punk.
Comic Book Fonts by Blambot. Comic book lettering of all types.
Free Fonts by Roto Design. Casual, animated, gothic sans.
Free Fonts by P-Font. Techno, grunge, sans.
Free Fonts by Typebox. Humorous dingbats, techno, Japanese.
Free Fonts by Tomoyuke Watanabe. Click “font,” then “download?” Grunge, machine, techno.
Pixel Fonts by Style-Force. Pixel.
Typography by Pixelyn. Pixel.
Free fonts by Habitat 7. Pixel. Drag trash into woodchipper.
Free Fonts by Miniml. Pixel. Scroll to bottom.
Typefaces by Feltron. Pixel, techno, stencil, machine gothic.
Fonts by Add. Pixel, techno, machine, casual display.
Free Fonts by Sucharaka. Pixel, techno, pictorial letterforms.
Downloads by Designer in Action. Range of display, pixel, penmanship; quality varies.
Free Fonts by Aenigma Fonts. Techno display fonts.
Free Fonts by Astigmatic. Display, novelty, pictorial letterforms.
Free Fonts by Emerald City Fontwerks. Penmanship, grunge, others.
Free Fonts by Pennyzine. Punk.
Freeware Fonts by Eutypoce. Techno, pixel.
Free Fonts by Die Gestalten. Techno. Selection changes.
Free Fonts by Hannes von Dohren. Grunge, penmanship.
Free Fonts by FontEnvironment. Novelty, dingbats.
Free Fonts by Beaufont. Techno, machine.
Free Fonts by Pizzadude. Casual, graffiti, pictorial letterforms.
Segasonic. Mimics screen fonts from Sega arcade games.
Freeware by Fonthead. Penmanship, novelty, dingbats.
Free Fonts by IAI-JP. Display, novelty, Japanese, pictorial dingbats.
Free Fonts by RoastHorse Type Foundry. Pixel, stencil.
Free Fonts by exljbris, the library of Jos Buivenga. Text typefaces, serif and sans.
Free Fonts by FontLab. Penmanship and grunge.
Free Fonts by Dinctype Hoboken. Novelty.
Free Fonts on MyFonts
Free Fonts on by the Storm Type Foundry

Free Greek Fonts and more by George Triantafyllakos
Free Greek Fonts and more by Greek Font Society


Font Elements by Kinema Moon
Design Font by Maniackers
LDVC Type by Lovedesign
Flop Fonts by Flop Design

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