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Left and right

i’ve wondered about what this font was for a while, it’s got an interesting retro radio feel to it


Before I can help you I must ask 3 questions:

1. Where did you obtain this device?
2. Do you know what it does?
3. Does the government know you have it?


hopefully this url will answer all your questions http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11043264&m=58&cat=70&scat=72

michael ;-)

Ahhhh. Hehe. Very classy ‘phones.

I’ve been looking for an enclosed set recently
but these seem out of my price range. How do
you like them?

As for the font, it is snazzy. I’ll give it some
more thought.


i’ve had them for a couple years and really like the sound. what i find funny/ironic is that in the info line they always mentions the “swivel earcups

my MDR-V500 got the same markings.
the L and R are not included in the set of sony icons and logotypes I have gotten hold of.