(x) 70s geometric sans Thing Making logo - ITC Ronda (customised) {Norbert}


Font used in the logo.



Did the pre-digital version of ITC Serif Gothic have ITC Avant Garde Gothic-style ligatures?

Nah, not even close. As it's his logo, maybe he custom designed it?

I also agree about about the ITC styled ligature, but the logo is not one single typeface, but a blending of several with a little custom work.

IMO, it has the "TH" ligature of ITC Avant Garde Gothic, and "I"
It uses either the Kabel or ITC Kabel cap "N" or ITC Serif Gothic cap "N" and squared off the terminals.

The cap "G" is treated similar to the cap "G" in Kable DT Condensed
and could have be modified by using the "G" from either Serif Gothic or Kabel.

But then again, we may be missing a single typeface that has all of the above.

I completely forgot about ITC Ronda, but he still needed the "TH" ITC Avant Garde Gothic ligature or created it using ITC Ronda.

Nice one, Norbert. :^)

ITC Avant Garde Gothic, Serif Gothic, Kabel, Ronda, Lubalin Graph... and I used to think these faces were so unique!

Now you can mix and match them within the same sentence and most readers wouldn't even notice. This gives new meaning to the old "type should be invisible" saying.

THING is based on Ronda. The ligature is drawn off of Ronda, not another typeface. MAKING is hand drawn. Nothing is invisible.

Here in the UK we have a TV series 'Life On Mars' about a man who has an accident and wakes up back in 1973.

I sometimes feel like that character, looking at the Type ID board lately.

Also in the UK there is a 70's typographic bandwagon - all the hip young things are jumpin' on board.

Nick Cooke

all the hip young things