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Well, what do you think?

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Your -2- is wonderful. That ampersand is absolute narcissism ... and I love it! The -W- is falling backwards. So is the -s-. So is the -5-, but I think it is because you need to extend the bottom exit stroke by one pixel. The -A- seems a hair too tricky. The -f- seems too short.

Can you show us another setting of the entire set spaced out a bit more?

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Miss Tiffany,

Please take a look at two.gif. You were absolutely right about the swashy 'W'; it's much better now. As for the 's', the alternatives aren't any better, are they? And is that what you had in mind for the '5'? Because I don't think it works. So doesn't the longer 'f'. Now, what do you mean by The -A- seems a hair too tricky? As for the spacing, it's either that loose or dense as it was before; I'm not sure which one is preferable. What do you say?

Many thanks,

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Okay, it's now clear to me that the new spacing is better. Thanks again, Miss Tiffany!

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The fourth sample (drupal) shows: (a) better space between words; (b) better space between lines; (c) an alternative 's'.

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what a beauty! I dig the ligatures.
And your new ‘s’ is way better.

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Thanks, Gregory. As for the ligatures, they're actually useless, but designing them was fun. :)

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