(x) Heritage logo - ITC Tiepolo {Yves}

Another designer created this logo and doesn't recall the name of the typeface. I have to produce other collateral for the project and need to know what the font is. Anyone have any ideas? I've seen it before, so I think it's fairly common. With all you experts, I doubt it should be too hard to locate. Thanks!


That's ITC Tiepolo.

Good catch, Yves.
I was thinking it was an Arthur Baker design and was looking at his Hiroshige Sans... just missing a few serifs.

Awesome. Knew I could count on you guys for a lightening fast reply.

> I was thinking it was an Arthur Baker design (...)

I also recognised the Arthur Baker signature curves, so I whipped up his list and found it that way. Quite a few of them look very similar.

The renaming of this topic should say "ITC Tiepolo" and not ITC Hiroshige.

Oops. Confused. Fixed. Thanks.