contemporary serif w/ nice italics

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Hey yo,
I'm looking for some contemporary serif typefaces with interesting italics to be used for pullquotes and headers in a women's magazine.

The sort of thing I'm looking for:
(straight from typophile's very own Stefan Hattenbach!)

Faces like Kursivschrift are right up the same alley as well, if not perhaps a bit overused.

Any thoughts you guys might have on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I admit to being a little bit behind the times, but Emigre's Eidetic seems to stick out as fitting the bill.


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Good call. Plus I already own Eidetic!

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Fabulous 'RePublic', by Tomáš Brousil / Suitcase.?
( Featuring a looovely italic.. :)

Dav, formlos

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How about Adobe Warnock Pro?

Very flexible face. All the benefits of a PRO font, SC, OSF, etc.

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Great suggestion. I have never seen that face before. I love it.
(Off to print some PDF specimans)

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