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Hello poeple... I´m wondering if there is an exixting font for NOKIA logo, this font is also used in numbers of the cellphones and titles on their webpage and manuals
thank you allll


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Erik Spiekermann designed the corporate typeface for Nokia. You can see examples on this site: United Designers Network.

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The typeface for the logo is very close to Eurostile Bold Extended (aka Microgramma Bold Extended, Square 721 Bold Extended).

- Lex

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Nokia uses different fonts for the log ("NOKIA Logo") and for cell phones ("NOKIA Sans" & "NOKIA Sans Wide").

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where can I buy NOKIA SANS WIDE and NOKIA SANS? I'm working on a job for them and they'r enot providing the fonts.

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You can't purchase licenses for those fonts. That's the whole point of proprietary fonts -- they're exclusive and thus unavailable to the general audience.

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install the nokia pc suite on a windows box and the fonts Nokia Sans Wide and Nokia Standard Multiscript get installed in your TEMP folder. I use it all over my computer(s) at the moment be it win, lin, or mac. Great for screen (even in 6pt) not so great on paper.

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A quick Google of "Nokia Font" reveals this, very imcomplete, freeware thing, which has (what I can only assume is a fanmade approximation of) the caps used for the Nokia logotype.


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I have used the Prisoner SF typeface to mimic NOKIA. It's pretty close for most purposes.

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