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I was just looking for some feedback on a poster l created for a friends music night. The night is called Sprawl, so l created a font based on patterns of urban sprawl. The poster is A3,urrr the font only works for a high point size.

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Jee whizz dole-mate! That is really pretty, I like the energy. I wonder why no-one else has commented…


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Kris is right that deserves some positive comment, that font/image reminds me of the maps created by tracking ants searching for food that I saw somewhere recently, with the bewildered/lone-wolf ants wandering off track. Overall a strong poster coupled with an intriguing image.

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It's all positive... I think it's both strong and intricate, I wouldn't change anything about it; the built-up linework stands out and draws you in. I also like the treatment of type in tightly ordered bands. Nice one!


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Thanks for the good feedback. I am currently changing/tweaking my portfolio, so its good to hear a positive responce.

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I don't see the connection to sprawl per se - but the poster is very very nice indeed - and matches electronic music quite nicely! Congrats!

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I love it dole. Nice work.

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Wow. LOVE.
you could try some type treatments on the bottom. e.g. the same typeface with different combinations of weights, spaces. Formally, I ask how do you get thicks and thins in there? A serif used in the right places could be cool. Cheers.. love what you've done.

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Thanks, l have a t-shirt design at threadless if anyone is interested in commenting


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Dont waste time posting to threadless, they will only profit off of your creativity. I like your poster however, its interesting yet kind of hairy.
~ 3r

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