(x) Die Megamiete von LaudaMotion - ITC Giovanni {Marc O}

Client told me this is ITC Galliard but I dont think so... any ideas?



It's definitely not Galliard.

It is not ITC Galliard.

I have ITC Galliard, as part of the Adobe OpenType Collection. I collect fonts. I am not a designer. I simply like looking at them and using them for work and pleasure.

As to the picture in your post: the bar on the lowercase "e" in ITC Galliard is straight, and not slanted as in the picture your provided.

Further, the ascender on the capital "J" is too short, that is, the tip at the bottom isn't elongated enough. In ITC Galliard, it slants noticeably to the left, even beyond the "roof" of the "J." I don't see that in your picture. Nor is the "roof" of the "J" in your pic as pronounced as it should be. It might be a case of your pic being slightly blurred, but I stand by what I see.

Again, I'm not using a designer's eye. I simply compared what I have at various magnifications to what you provided.

This is not Galliard for sure. Take a look at a, e and g.

BTW, is it for megamiete or the text over?

The serif at the top is ITC Giovanni, artificially condensed:


Thanks, guys, I appreciate your input. Though I have to say that I did know that it is not ITC Galliard, but was wondering if it might be adifferent version. The e and J were my points too. So you think it is ITC Giovanni? I wil check it no. Thanks a lot again!!!