(x) ITC Avant Garde Gothic w/ a full circle zero {Yves}

hello eveybody

I'm urgently seeking a typeface which the numbers looks very similar to Avant Garde
except their 0 is a full circle like the letter "O"

thanks heaps


Isn't it possible they just used the O instead of the 0? Having a full circle 0 with lining figures doesn't make sense, as that would make the 0 way to wide, so the numerals wouldn't align vertically when stacked.

Yves is right. It's mistyped AvantGarde (on my keyboardd O and 0 are REALLY close together...).

Same things happens to me all the time when working on my laptop. I'm relieved I'm not the only one, I thought I was just clumsy. :^D

In the original character set of Avant Garde were some alternates, including two zeros. Since this is probably more recent, you're probably right about them just using an O. I don't think the alternate zero was different than a cap O in the original. Just placed conveniently with the numbers on the film fonts or whatever.