Looking for info on "Library" typeface for The New York Public Library

Any information on the foundry etc of the font "Library" used in Italic, Roman and Smallcaps for the letterhead and logotype of the New York Public Library?


From what I can make out on the website the logo looks like it's set in Matthew Carter's ITC Galliard. Can you post a scan or direct us to an online PDF that displays the typeface you're referring to?

I got some information on the NYPL's brand identity from their Communications and Marketing Deptartment and they said, "Galliard Bold and BoldItalic are used for extreme emphasis, and should only be used on documents such as report covers, presentation materials etc. They are not to be used in the letterhead nor when creating our logotype. Otherwise the font Library, in Italic, Romand and Smcaps is used for the NYPL name".

I can not find any examples because I am not sure what Library looks like, who designed, etc...which is the info I was hoping someone knew.

The name "Library" indicates this could very well be a custom proprietary typeface.