(x) Lined font - Prisma (Mirage) (customised) {Yves}

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Anybody know what this is? Thank you.

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This is Prisma/Mirage with a whole bunch of strokes removed.

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bravo !!! thank you Bald Condensed

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What's the source manuk? I like what they did with it.

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That dude is solid.

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Thank you Stephen, and well spotted Bald Condensed. I've been working for a few years on a reappraisal of Rudolf Koch's Prisma, together with Alex Rich and Rafael Koch. We've made a new lower case (referencing old Kabel drawings -- Prisma was caps only), digitised the upper case and turned the entire font into a modular set of varying weights, fills and lines: "Prismaset".

Lance Wyman made an obvious nod to Prisma and beautifully moved it on for Mexico '68 and more recently Mevis & Van Deursen referenced and deconstructed Mexico for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen identity in Rotterdam. We take it full circle back to Koch's visionary 1931 original. Hoping to deliver it to Lineto for release late this year.

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Well done, James. And nice to see you here. Typophile is filled with lurking pros and thhe fact that they pipe up once in a while is what makes this place tick.

Lineto is a fine spot for Prisma. I only wish they offered their stuff through a couple reputable resellers.

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Five-year threadbump!

Did Prismaset ever get a commercial release? I stumbled across it here and couldn't find it for sale at Lineto or anywhere else.

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It was covered in a Koren magazine magazine a few months ago, so it must not be far off. But of course, that's what James said (above) in 2006.

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