Widford Regular (old name wolfgang)

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Hi all,
I've been working on this for a while now and thought it was probably at the right stage to show everyone any hopefully get some feeedback. The working title is Wolfgang but this will be changed once I think of something better.

One big thing I'm not sure about is the 'w'. I'm not sure if I should use the overlapping one or not. I like it and I think it is a bit different but I have been getting mixed feedback about it, some people love it, some think it doesn't quite work.

There are a few alternate characters I think I might go back to to see if it can be a little more consistent. There is a capital 'V' that is the same as one of the V's in the crossing 'W' and I may also do a capital A that is like one of these upside down.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Andy, first of all: Whenever you please everybody, there's something wrong.

Also: If a type designer refuses to give a crit simply because he doesn't like it, he's either ungraciously selfish, or more an Artist than a Designer. Or quite often both.


Although this is not my cup of tea, here's what I see:

"a": make the top fully round - no flat part.
"g": don't make the left side of the bottom bowl overshoot the head.
"w": no overlap; but the McDonalds thing is too much. So try taking the overlapped form and just removing the righthand inside arm.
"x": needs curves.

UC: no Art Deco low-waist stuff, I don't think.
"Q": cool, but too dark at the join.
"W": same as in the lc.

"5": the head is going too far left.


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Thanks for the feedback. Thats one thing I forgot to mention, in most of the circles there is currently straight lines, I will make all of these slightly curved.

I also need to go through and fix all the areas that look too dark, this is something I haven't addressed yet.


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You didn't say whether your intention was text or display. The overlapped W becomes more problematic at smaller sizes. It can cause a dark spot, particularly with a very low contrast font. For the same reason, it is less obtrusive as a cap than it is as lower case. You might think about using it in the cap only. In headings and display usage, where size can be large, you have more leeway. You may make the overlap an alternate so that the typographer can choose by virtue of how he/she is using the face.


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Thanks Chris,
The intention was for it to be a display face that could work as body copy if it was needed. I.e. be quite readable at 10pt. Though the intention was never for it to be used in large amounts of body.

I have tried so many different w's and I don't like any as much as the overlapping one. The alternate one in the pdf attached to my first post looks too much like the mc donalds arches fliped. I tried what hrant suggested for the 'w' but it looked wrong.

I have made a lot of progress on this since the first post but I can't work out how to attach a file to a reply. If anyone knows could they let me know.


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I worked out I could add an attachment to the first post. So please have a look at 'widford_example.pdf'.

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