(x) Blackletter in The Knickerbocker Press book (1914) - Psalter Gotisch {David H}


Can anyone help me identify this mystery font. It was used for page headers in a book published by The Knickerbocker Press in 1914. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




I think Robert is looking for a more precise answer. ;^)

Where are our blackletter specialists when we need them?

yes, exactly...I have been searching Blackletter fonts but haven't had any luck yet. I am republishing an old text and can, of course, use scanned versions, but I'd prefer to utilize the crispness of a font.

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No exact match here (which I doubt you'll get nearly a century later), but it appears to be a variation on the old typeface Tudor Text - the only digitization of which I'm aware is Minim by Paul Lloyd.

This is Psalter Text

edit: or Psalter Gotisch. By Benjamin Krebs Nachf (Nachfolger - successors) Frankfurt A.M.

Ah. The short showing of Psalter Text in the Solotype Catalog has a single story 'a', but, otherwise, does seem to match up better. I know of no digital version of that typeface, though. Do you, David?

Mike, I edited my post. digital? no. yet... and the numerals by Solotype are not the original

I found Psalter Text digitally. See it on the 4th line down on this page of Gerhard Helzel's extensive collection of Fraktur fonts.

He seems to be saying there that Mediaeval Gotisch by Flinsch and Psalter Gotisch by Krebs were the same typeface. Does that sound right, David?

I communicated with Herr Helzel not long ago (about the otherwise undigitized Derby). He prefers that the indicated amount in Euros be mailed to him, after which he will e-mail the font(s).

Ah ha. And you can add another name: Tudor Text (that is to say, we're talking about England...Henry VII, Elizabeth I; long time before Psalter Text - 1890)

I see. Thanks for the information.

Great...the Psalter Gotisch seems to be the correct font. Thanks!! Now I need ascertain whether he has a digital version. Hopefully he responds to his email.

Good work guys!!

Robert - everything Herr Helzel shows you is a digital font. He indicates the availability of Mac and PC, Truetype or PS. And, from my own recent experience, he does respond to e-mail (the same day in my case).

I just returned from a trip to the bank to obtain the needed Euros. What beautiful currency!

Robert - any digital (and good one)?

Excellent!! Thank you all. Psalter Gotisch seems to be the font and I received a Mac version from the German dude! His payment method is a tad strange but fortunately I had a friend there in Europe who could wire him the money.

Thanks again,