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Are there any type foundries specializing in Greek fonts?

(I am sure there must be...)

- Robert

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Adobe, Monotype, Tiro, Linotype, Typotheque

Check the Greek type section of Natasha's site -

Natasha is the ATypI Country Delegate for Greece


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I'll just point to a few typefaces I have used, and can therefore recommend. I only consider OpenType fonts, for reasons other people have explained much better than I could; but I'd add that when it comes to non-Latin you'd be a fool to not use Unicode-encoded fonts.

Adobe Minion Pro and Myriad Pro are as good in their Greeks as they are in their Latins; ditto Warnock Pro, for a different kind of documents. More interesting (and for an entirely different category of documents) Garamond Premiere Pro -- also, the only truly complete character set in the stable, with full polytonic and small caps.

Helvetica Linotype is a cut above its siblings, if you're looking in that direction.

Victor Gaultney's Gentium supports polytonic Greek (and is free).

There's also a small operation in Seattle with some very good -- albeit monotonic -- Greeks under its belt, but I haven't seen the fonts retail yet; my guess is they'll end up bundled with some piece of software or other.

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"There’s also a small operation in Seattle"

Would that be near Redmond?


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technically it should be a "small operation *near* Seattle"

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More like: Seattle is a small operation near it.


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"Seattle is a small operation near it."

LOL!!! One of your better ones Hrant :-)


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