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Sabon is a typeface designed by [[Jan Tschichold]] in 1967 for [[D. Stempel AG]]. The typeface was commissioned by a group of German printers, who wanted a good text face that would appear the same on all three metal type mechanisms used at the time (hand-set foundry type, the [[Linotype Machine]], and the [[Monotype Machine]]). Its design was based on [[Garamond]].

Sabon was later converted for use on photo-typesetting machines. Still later, it was made available in digital format. The digital Sabon is distributed by [[Linotype]].

In 2001–2002, [[Jean François Porchez]] revived and extended Sabon, creating the type family [[Sabon Next]]. Sabon Next is distributed by [[Linotype]], and is part of their [[Platinum Collection]].

Linotype's website includes an overview of all of the original Sabon font weights, and all of the Sabon Next weights as well.