Chinese Space Program Propaganda

Take a look at these beautiful and cute promotional posters from the Chinese Space Program.

As a commentary, it's interesting to see the ones with clearly Chinese imagery (the Great Wall, bow and arrow, toddler with Panda, etc.) juxtaposed with posters that took all their cues from Russian communist propaganda (workers united in exuberant cheering holding red flags).

Via Boing Boing.


It's interesting that one of the red banners has the "double happiness" character on it. I thought those were always for weddings and New Year's.

Does the fact that I initially mistook the third one for Disneyworld's Sleeping Beauty's Castle mean that decadent capitalist propoganda got to me first?

The "space children" are fantastic!

Those astrobabies are great!


Yeah, the astrobabies are the best... such a rich illustration style. I love the whimsy of the pets and the swirling rocket in the background.

Dana, what is the double happiness character? Can you point it out?

The double happiness character is in the first poster. It's the large, symmetrical character on the woman's banner.

I think I have a red envelope with the double happiness character on it, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. Google "double happiness" and you will find the character on all sorts of wedding and New Year's ephemera.