Berlidin / Volta regular italic?

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Does anyone know of an italic version of the typeface Volta?
The only one I can find is for Volta Medium, but I'm using the Regular weight.

Berlidin is very similar, but doesn't have any italics at all...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You could try Clarendon but it is an oblique rather than an italic

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Volta is very similar (but wider) to Clarendon Wide and Extra Wide family. Not exact, but the family has multiple oblique weights.

Whoops! Too late!

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How about Egizio?

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Also Font Bureau's Belizio.

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Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. Definitely some good options, but I wish these other types had the same "softness" that I see in Volta and Berlidin. Is there a better (technical) term for that?

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