Calendar layout with baseline grid and new typeface

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I couldn't find the previous thread, so I started a new one.

While waiting for my Bringhurst to arrive in the mail, I have put one of the sections onto the baseline grid and changed the typeface. I am using Warnock Pro for the text body and Trebuchet for headers and side notes.

I would appreciate any comments on these changes, in particular:
Do these two typefaces work well together? (I find it looks fresh and clear.)
Is the 8pt size too small? (I think it's fine, but I don't wear glasses...)

*Please ignore the first page of the pdf.*

Thank you so much,

Demo106ASPre.pdf660.34 KB
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The link to the pdf doesn't appear to be working.

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You're absolutely right.
I'll try to fix it...


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the ampersand in the filename may be the problem...?

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Thank you Elliot100. I changed the file name and now it seems to work.

Again, please disregard the first page as it is only a listing and will not appear like that in the book.

Thanks in advance!


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Very nice separation of information. I would suggest shifting the entire grid to the right (or the outside) so your margins on left and right (inside and outside) are assymetrical or rather balanced on the top, bottom and right (outside). I might also suggest using a different sans, but at least make it bold for more contrast.

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Thank you, Miss Tiffany.
I'm still working on it and will come back with some more changes.

I forgot to mention that the book is actually trimmed narrower. If I understand your suggestion about shifting the grid to the right correctly, it is already like that, just doesn't show that way in the pdf. :/ The right margin is only .6 in or so.

Thanks again,

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On the pages where you use a single column, the measure is on the wide side, to assist separation of paragraphs you might try an indent on paragraphs after the first of a section(there is a section on Degree Requirements that uses line space after). Also there are several single words on the last line which would look better if you take over words from preceding lines. But overall this is a vast improvement over the Word sample you showed earlier, especially the two column work.

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Thank you for the encouragement, Tim.

I find it's better with everything on the grid, but also a little tougher to make things fit -- ensuring that course titles aren't separated from descriptions, for example. I can't edit the content at all -- so can only squeeze stuff in or space it out. I'm finding some pages really tricky to fit.

Yes, I've been toying with using indents for every paragraph after the first. I never understood why it was set up this way to begin with, but figured there had to be a reason... Even a small indent would do a lot for clarity, I'm sure. Then line spaces to distinguish between major topics.

Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

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