XTRA Wide glyphs (>2000 em) = problem?

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XTRA Wide glyphs (>2000 em) = problem?

I have a font I'm trying to develop which has 2 custom glyphs which are tpic or dingbat-like in nature. I want to preserve the relationship between the normal character glyphs height and the custom glyph height. However the custom glyph image is VERY wide - 2397 wide x 719 high in a 1000 UPM Postscript-flavor OTF font.

As of now. I have placed each in a single glyph cell and assigned them PUI unicode values. In testing so far, the only issue I have seen is the preview in adobes glyoh pallette is getting cropped. Otherwise, things seem fine. I am setting myself for trouble later or is this acceptable practice?

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I have done it a lot, its ok. You can also place these symbols in a range of emty glyph cells so they will look better in adobes glyph palette.

orn.001 emty
orn.002 sign1
orn.003 emty
orn.004 sign2

An other thing could be to cut the signs.

orn.001 sign1a
orn.002 sign1b
orn.003 sign2a
orn.004 sign2b