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trifold brochure & typesetting for forms

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Joined: 12 Aug 2005 - 8:23am
trifold brochure & typesetting for forms


I'm just posting to ask if anyone has any suggestions or critiques for the form section of a trifold I'm putting together for my university:


I'm incredibly interested in typography, but the majority of the information I've read in books and seen online deals more with setting type for display and body copy—not necessarily forms meant to be filled out by end users. If you know of any information online about setting type for forms or good books, I'd definitely appreciate it if you could share.


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Joined: 19 Oct 2004 - 5:58am

The Clear English Campaign has some guidelines on form design, some of which should be taken with a pinch of salt because they don't really get into the technicalities of using fonts. They recommend 12 or 14 pt (which they call friendly) without any consideration of x-heights etc, but then it is a guide for non-typographers. There's some useful advice about use of language though, and structure and pattern which could be of some help.



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Joined: 6 Sep 2005 - 8:20pm


I find it pleasing to look at and mostly well-spaced. You might consider leaving more space above the signature lines. My signature would not fit length or height wise in the space provided.

Likewise, It might be useful on the "name(s)" line to specify first and last, especially if someone is going to be entering this information into a database. It can often be difficult to figure out which is the first/last name and many people write them inverted.

I find that the "Y" of "Invite you" nearly obscures the word "patron" which I think might be something you'd like highlighted. Perhaps consider moving "to become a patron and supporter" down a bit or shifting things left/right so that the y overlaps "become" or "and" rather than "patron".

Another suggestion -- where you ask for expiry date -- maybe consider stating m/y -- again, for clarity. (Think: 06/07 or 07/06?)

What typeface are you using?


Tristan J. Blease's picture
Joined: 12 Aug 2005 - 8:23am


I'm using Myriad for the body copy and Trajan and Edwardian Script for other, with Porcelain (freely available from Eduardo Recife) for the caps on the Edwardian.

I will definitely add in the clarification for first and last name and the expiry date, and also keep working with the "Invite you" section on the far left panel on page 2. I'm not terribly happy with it as-is and may be scrapping that typesetting for something better if I can come up with any decent ideas.