Good Things

Some good things are going on here with the Typophile codebase, not the least of which is inline image uploads. Only a few more things/bugs to check off our list before we can take the beta stripe off. To use the new image upload features you will need the Flash 8 player. Once you have it installed you will see an "Insert image" link on the post form. It's got a progress bar, no pop-ups, and no page reloads! Trust me, that's cool. On the downside, I'm sure we'll have to hear some whining about flash. Oh well. For Uppercase members, you might try editing your blog with ecto or any number of other blogging clients. More on this later.


"It was the shirt,( it looks neon pink on my monitor "

Hmm, It is plain old red on my two calibrated monitors. Sorry to have "Pinked" you out :-)