early days...

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Hi all
Have been working on this script for the past few weeks, so it's still very early days. Alot of the weights are still inconsistent and the descenders have not made up their minds yet...
Would really appreciate any comments or suggestions...
This is attempt 1.5 at designing type (the first was a very confused lowercase which never made it even close to font lab)

Thanks in advance

black2310.pdf158.25 KB
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Looks pretty. Careful that you don't get too close to Ronna Penner's Blackjack.

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The work Black is a bizarre coincidence. It's not the name of my typeface, simply that the B was the most resolved of my caps..

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It is hard for me to tell as a typeface without seeing text. I wonder if you may need to revist the outlines when you start spacing. The lc "i" in particular is an often used letter. I wonder how it would feel in text? It may get lost both because of slope and size.
You also have to decide if you are going the route of brush lettering, with its more regular forms, or a more random handwriting look. You seem to be somewhere between right now.


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The first thing that you need to deal with is the angle - e.g. y, u, r, v

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Mmmm, I love Mac's as well! Especially Copperhop, that is a real beaut! Seriously, you should approach Colenso bbdo in Akl, they might be interested in this sort of thing, as they 'do' the Mac's design.

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Kris, the type is indeed for Mac's..
Stephen and Miss Tiffany, I have seen Black Jack before but in all honesty, I don't think they are that similar. Will be easier to see in context, so will try to post an update soonish..
Thanks for the comments.

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What a good guess on my part! Do you have a pdf with the outlines, not rasterized? Are they getting you to digitise the lettering that they use already? Will the final be opentype, with lots of neat alternates and such?


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hey :)
hope you get this.
I stumbled across your typeface and thought it'd be interesting to get back in contact as I am now also a Design student and have done typograpy papers
Do you remember me?


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