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I've wanted to work on a script for a while now, but was
uninspired until last night. I am still working on spacing, and
trying to figure out how to attach the lines, make it look cool
and not have to do too many ligatures..;

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Christian - pretty cool. As something to shoot for, Cabarga Cursiva is a masterwork. You can unlock a lot of script secrets by looking at that face. This is wholly different and very appealing. You got the thicks/thins down. The face has got great upside. Uppercase would seem to have more improvisational opportunities and this is where the face could really fly.


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Thanks, bj. I'm looking forward to doing the upper case...

Here is the scribble that started me on this face. The thing
that struck me was the jerky, boxy quality (notice the


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I have seen it, though I didn't reference it
for this face. It has some incredible vitality.

With this face I've tried to interpret the shapes
geometrically, yet retain the vitality of hand
writing. For now, the lower case feels a little
bland to me. I'm hoping some spice in the caps
will liven it up. Any ideas for spice in the
lower case?


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I love this face... I see the comparison to Epaulet but find that this face has less
sense of humor, I really like that about the face, it is hard to stick into any particular category. It is commercial enough to get used in real work but esoteric enough to be passed off as "too weird" by most main stream/agency designers. As for Display scripts this is sterile for something that at first sight seem to fit into the stylized fun category, as compared to, for instance, Phil Grimshaws' designs that are full of life expressed by calligraphic movements and nuances that usually ended up in the ITC collection. This restain and sterility, is exactly what I look for when selecting type.A really nice piece of work. I would encourage you to open dialogue with Peter Bruhn/Fountain to discuss distribution when you finish it.

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Mr. Robertson,

Would you kindly cease taunting us with
magnificent sketches of typefaces that
will never see the light of the monitor?


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This is BRILLIANT. -- I have to agree with Stephen -- Christian, you ARE a tease!

Maybe it makes me weird, but I loved the idea behind MM fonts and wish this one were available in that format. My wish would be to have control of the contrast.

The comparisons to Cabarga and Epaulet -- I understand, and maybe there are some things similar, but perhaps it is like comparing apples and oranges. Or for you music lovers a better analogy might be the trumpet playing Miles Davis to that of Chet Baker. While Chet's execution and technique are flawless, Miles' phrasing and direction is always more interesting.

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