(x) California-Japan Scholars program - Bitstream Aphasia {JLT (self)}

I am embarassed to post here...

but my embarassment is not so great that I can ignore my great need to identify this type.



what do you know about that sample? -- year? where?

Looks pre-digital to me.

It looks familiar to me, but I can't quite place it.

Reminds me of Philip Bouwsma's stuff. Dorothea, Corvallis Sans, Mariposa Sans, Neuhengen, and Percival. Looks like he has a deep pre-digital history.

Well, it's digital. I know this because (real reason I'm embarassed) I typeset that maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Since then, though, I've had several computers - the one I worked on this with was stolen, I think - and 3 CDs full of type gone the way of the dodo, or other extinct animal, in that it is no longer with us / me. I can't remember what it is. I wish I could. I thought it started with an A, but I've been through specimens, catalogs, myfonts ... just can't find it anywhere.

Thought you guys might be able to help.


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myfonts whatthefont gives two pretty close hits.. not exactly (in both, the bowl of the p is closed, in your example its open..), but nothing that couldnt probably be fixed manualy..

Man, that whatthefont tool is amazing. Got it - Bitstream Aphasia. Thanks, Kesh!


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no problem, at first i thought you mentioned myfonts so you know whatthefont, but then i thought maybe you didnt try it.. thats what this forum is here for! help each other!

Indeed, but I don't like it when some piece of software performs better than the combined might of our awesome intellects... :^P

BTW Joshua, you do realise this little episode will haunt you till the end of time, and make you the subject of mild ridicule whenever large concentrations of type-inflicted people are present? :^D

Well, at least JLT didn't call it "pre-digital"


Hey, I'm not the one who used it, lost it and then forgot about it, smartypants! :^P

Aphasia: What an ironic name for a forgotten font.

Mark - too true. And I think I'm teased enough alredy for a host of other shortcomings.


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