(x) Looking for Aquiline {Yves}

I know this isn't quite an ID request but I need to show someone what t26's Aquiline looks like and they don't have it on the website. Can anyone help?



Just for reference, our font Allegheny does bear some resemblance to Aquiline, but is not the same. Having seen and liked Aquiline I set out to design a similar font, likely following a process not much different from how Aquiline itself was designed, using samples of 17th century calligraphy in a similar style (see our Orford font) and rendering a rougher and more casual variation, admittedly aping some of the character variations in Aquiline, while adding other unique variations.

There is no point in ripping off a font when you can reimagine it and hopefully make it better, or at least more to your personal taste.


And this???

Looks like Aquiline is now everyone’s property.

Found this:

Aquiline and Aquiline Extra Bold, made by Expert Software, has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. The company went out of business in 2001.

Also, it gets mentioned in the T-26 FAQ:

Whatever happened to that old, scripty Jim Marcus font "Aquiline"?
I think I saw Aquiline sitting on a bench in Wicker Park asking underage passersby for a tissue. It won't be coming back to T26, and for this we are deeply sorry. Dirty vagrants are such fun with all their worn-out jokes and tired sob stories about bus fare by which they tug at your purse strings! But hey... let bygones be bygones.

Dave Nalle of Scriptorium made a copy but I'm not inclined to look for it.

There is an Aquiline Two available here which at first glance on screen looks similar to the original. I hope this isn't genuine piracy here, expect it'll get moderated if it is.

That's what I've been discussing with Stephen, and we haven't come to a conclusion yet, due to lack of hard facts... :^/