"Legacy" squared old style serif logo

sorry I repost this, but since I got no answers I though it would be ok to post it again. if I got no comments I´ll assume that it is a custom work or a very difficult to ID font

thanks so much in advance and sorry again.


Give us more info - year? magazine? ad?

The best way to revive your thread is to make a new post in it. It's OK for this time, but please don't make duplicate threads.

The g is not very well drawn. That, plus some other inconsistencies I'm seeing, makes me think this is not a font. Not a definitive conclusion, though.

thanks for repliying me. the sample is from a logotype, that´s why it must be a custom work, however I thought it would be a font quite similar to the sample.
anyway, thanks very much and sorry for making a double post. I will follow your advice next time.