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Greetings, all. Thought I'd post some samples of the display face I am currently working on to get some feedback. At this point I have the basic letterforms with various possible alternates, figures and basic punctuation. There is also only basic spacing and no kerning.

Thanks in advance for taking a look and letting me know what you think.

charset1.pdf31.59 KB
ValorSpec1.pdf25.67 KB
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This would look interesting in very tight settings, for wordmarks or titles, with the serifs overlapping.

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OK, this is my first contribution to "critique", and I'm feeling self-consious ... mostly because this font is so much better than anything I've done. But I want to contribute, because I'm hoping to use this forum one day.

First off, I really like the face, and think it's very successful. My only comment is that I did a stutter-step when I read "sunshine" because of the similarity of the "h" and the "n". No idea what the solution is, because of the no-ascenders-no-descenders (semi-unicase?) design.

The only other thing that drew my eye is the dot on the "i". It stands out a bit; can it be reduced a little, or rounded off a hair?

OK, I've made my comments, and I am ashamed: I feel like such an ogre, blasting someone's hard work.


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Nick, it's good to see you're joining in to the crits now.


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Thanks for the feedback, folks.

And no worries, Jay, I am looking for honest reactions here. You make a good point on both the lower-case h and the i; I'll give them some consideration.

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Very nice concept. I'll bet some heavy metal bands will be happy to see this.
Is it meant to be unicase?


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Yes, it is meant to be unicase with several alternates. One thing I'm still pondering is whether to have the lowercase be exactly the same glyphs as the uppercase or to include a set of alternates there. I might also use the "stylistic sets" for the alternates.

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One thing that you could possibly try out is to decrease the width on tail below the Q, especially since your serifs are so fine, it makes the Q stand out a little.

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