Blog Me Up Scotty!

What do I do now Captain Kirk!? We're running out of power! Should I interrobang it!?

That's affirmative Scotty!


Sorta looks like ya too ... if I squint real hard.


But he has actual real HAIR!!!


Beam me up, Dezcom!

And what do you want to be for Halloween, Chris?

Yes, I'm old, but I'm mimicked in style!

But now we will have to change Scotty's name to Scototopulos :-)


You guys are tooooo funny!


DRATS! The Dezcom has exposed my true identity!
I must use my Amnesia Ray to erase his memory!


Whoops! There's no time to erase your memory now.
Tiffany's in trouble and we gotta help her!

AHAAHA! Look now I'm a blond bombshell in datdress ... err I mean ... distress.

Maybe if I put on a disguise I could fool the monsters into thinking I was Tiffany and she could escape?


Talk about your bombshell, er ah, I mean talk about DISTRESS! or dissing my dress?


=^P ahahahaha!




My God!!! What a SAD commentary on our world! TYPE to the rescue! We need to rescue the damsel in dis dress (and this sad blog) with something typographic--a weighty subject that makes flip our lids. Tiff, hide behind this:


I guess that fell like a lead baloon :-)


Check your personality type:


OK, How about if I insert something not in the funny category. I am posting a test file I have developed for spacing/kerning. You can use it as is or select the small caps feature in an opentype savvy app.
I use it to check for color, set up side-bearings, and kerning. There are also some ligs in there and double letters.
Let me know if this makes sense or helps anyone. Also, if it screws you up, I'd like to know that too and why so I can learn from it.


I couldn't figure out how to post the attachment to my last post so it is at the top in my first post where it makes no sense but what the heck, right? I mean, do I ever make sense?



And hey, I would be "Tayp", since the first letter of the
Armenian alphabet is "ayp"!* Here's an image for you:
{I'm getting an error uploading. Help?}
You might like to append "(Tayp)" for the other 6 billion people.

* Although it's "ayb" in Eastern pronunciation.


So would I write "Tayp" and then the Armenian glyph?
I don't have an Armenian font though and I don't know which glyph is "ayp".

email a PDF of the glyph and I'll post it in place.


OK, it's working now:

But like I said, maybe append "(Tayp)".
(And that "ayp" is a hair dark, sorry.)


Check above. I swapped in the change in the original post.
Thanks for your Armenian contribution to international humor!


no need for help she's '8 of 9'.

Bravo Vincent! The Klingons don't have a chance. Her oufit has been in the dryer with "Cling on Free"!!!


Gee, I wonder what typeface they used for the word "on"?


Klingon? KLINGON!
We don't need no stinkin' Klingon!

Yes, I'm old, but Trek in style!

Whahzatt burnin pumpkin man!


That picture must be Norbert and his support group from his 12-Step Klingon-Chick Addiction-Free plan:-)


Earthlings HaSta much vIDel

qonta' Qov

qaStaHvIS cha' jaj much lubejpu' latlh 'ej wIbejlaH 'e' laylaHbe'. much bejmeH pa'Daq cha'maH quS, HaSta je tu'lu'. taghpa' muchmaj pa' HurDaq bejwI' DIloS. pawchugh cha'maH bejwI' much wIbejlaHbe' maH. paw vagh nuv 'ej bItqu' Alexandre.
Dumer much DaneHchugh QonoSHomvam DalaD 'e' yImev. wejlogh vIbejta' 'ej Hoch vIqawbogh vIDel 'e' vIHech.

taghDI' much, Hamlet SoQ jatlhlI' ghuy'Do' 'a nujDaj 'angbe' HaSta. mInDu' neH leghlu'taH. qaStaHvIS wej tup jatlhtaH. Dalmo' mej nuv puS. bertlham jatlhtaHvIS paw latlh nuvpu' 'ej SoQ SIQnISbe'mo' mabel.

nI' je pong tetlh 'ej qIj jIH pongmey lucha'lu'taHvIS. tagha' tagh muchna'.

jatlh nuv puS. luyu'lu'pu' 'a not yu'wI' Qoylu'mo' jatlhlaw' neH.

Hol, nughmaj je Del 'angghal. chu'be' qechmeyvam. jatlh tlhIngan Hol yejHaDvaD pupmo' laHwIj, yejHaD vIlonlaHbe'.

jatlh Marc Okrand. jatlh ghuwIj 'oH tlhIngan Hol'e'. nenchoH Hoch ghu 'a wej vIlonrup. choHtaHmo' Hol, DaH taHmoHmeH mIw vIwIvlaHbe'. nuq poQ Hol, vIlonnISDI'?

muchvaD potlhba' taHjaj wo'. bom Qanqor, lubom ghunchu'wI' ghungchu'wI'qoq je, jatlh 'ej mugh Andrew. bom Hoch 'ej jatlh Qanqor: pup! pov!

(wa'logh neH ghunchu'wI' ghungchu'wI' je DIlegh, bomtaHvIS. jIHvaD jatlh Alexandre pujmo' ghunghchu'wI' (pongvetlh lo'taHbe' 'e' vISov 'a wej nenmo' pongna' vIlo'be') ghogh, Do'Ha' lo'laHbe'.)

Bones, Look at the post above! They are talking Klingon here!!!

> DaH taHmoHmeH mIw vIwIvlaHbe’

Oh yeah... da same ta you, guy!

My God! Norbert has discovered how to be invisable!


Commander Tiff here for counselling.

Rank: Commander EULA
Current assignment: U.S.S. Typophile
Full Name: Tiff Deanna Troi
Date of birth: Terran equivalent: March 29, 2336
Place of birth: Near Lake El-Nar, Betazed Utah
Parents: Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi and the late Starfleet Lt. Ian Andrew Troi
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2355-59; advanced study at University on Betazed Reading
Marital status: Married to William Riker
Children: One, deceased, via alien conception taking human form: Ian Andrew Jr., b/d 2365
Quarters: Formerly, Enterprise Deck 9/Room 0910
Office: Formerly, Enterprise Typo Deck 8.

Ok, Vince. Please stop. I'm glad I know you, otherwise this would be more disturbing that it already is.

Don't stop!


OK Vincent,this one is for you:


I dunno, but this space babe looks pretty hot to me!

Beam me up Scotty gone wrong! Looks like one of those accidental mixing of particles when two people get beamed up at the same time. Must have been me and some women named Dynel :-)


I hope Dynel doesn't mind being bald :-)