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I'm designing a season program booklet. Please critique, all feedback is very much appreciated. THANKS! Happy Halloween.


05-06Season Prgrm COVER.pdf48.42 KB
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what should we critique...? I guess there is something missing

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try it now...

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I'd like feedback on the overall design and the type layout. Does the cover need more elements to complete it or do you think what I've done is finished? thank you.

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Right now, the only thing that bugs me is where 'season' is in small caps. It doesn't have the same height as the numerals and it makes the 'th' in '47th' look funny.

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one quick comment: make sure to spell "Enriching" correctly.

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I would personally think that aligning all three of the small lines of information to the same width would strengthen the grouping you having in the middle. As well, the dates being screened seems an odd choice. I would think 47th season isn't something to hide.

The use of Bookman seems at odds with the use of Goudy. The use of the single script is a nice start at adding flair, but I think it is also at odds with the Bookman. The problem of using Bookman italic is that the letters don't flow one to the next and just jar against one another. I wonder if the Goudy Italic might do better?

If you find yourself wanting to add a white stroke to something that is already light, I would suggest simply making the cream color lighter instead of using the white stroke.

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Thanks all.... for comments. I will make changes and post.

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The touching letters, especially the ri in enriching, are not an elegant choice to my eye. A bit more tracking or individual kerning would make them better.

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To me the title looks a little small on the page area, I also get the impression that the script S has been rotated and reads a little like P. The tracking on the dates and 47th season is too much. And the image looks light on the song/enriching aspect.

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