(x) Joseph Beuys/Diane Von Furstenberg - custom (Miles Newlyn)/custom (Practise) {Dav/Stephen}

Oh Sheesh!
I can't figure this one out and would LOVE some help. It's been months that I've been querying this font on the internet. You folks are the best so I'm sure you'll know what it is.

It's the typeface that is used on the packaging for Diane Von Furstenberg the fashion designer. I think I saw the font used in a project by www.practise.co.uk that I saw in a book on typography. Of course, going to their site, I couldn't find the font in use BUT discovered another one that I love that was used for their project about Joseph Beuys. Anyone know what that one is as well?

Thanks so much!


As the first image is a 'TATE' book cover ( ? ), I am pretty sure that one, once again, would be the custom corporate Tate typeface, by Miles Newlyn.. ( 'VAG Rounded' has been previously named as a commercially available alternate, and, as the source of inspiration.. )

Dav, formlos

The dotted font: Practise says, "a customised version of the Tate font made of ‘precipitation’ dots over a blank space bathed in yellow reduce the work to its fundamental components of mist and light."

Julien Morey's Frieze is similar.

The DVF is not the same as the Tate font, though, it's probably an original logo.

VAG Rounded and Ulissa Rounded are close to the Tate font.

Thank you everyone. Frieze is amazingly close to the DvF logo font. I'm so delighted!
In my search on the Practise site (thank you Stephen for the quote...uhh, I guess I didn't look hard enough!) I was quite struck by the Tate Modern typeface. I think something like it is used in a daily, youth-oriented Toronto newspaper called Dose. I suppose it's high on the hipster list now!
Thanks again.

Rounded sanses are extremely trendy right now. HFJ's custom rounded Gotham for Print mag, GE's corporate face. They are all over the place. Others that I like: Chevin, Bryant.